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Our Jet Ski

At Aquaholics we believe in private lessons only.
Due to our well established method of jet-ski assisted lessons, every minute you pay for is water time, which means progression time!

Spend no time walking upwind on the beach or floating in the water by yourself. Your teacher is always right next to you, boosting your confidence and giving you constant instruction for the fastest progression possible.


We are also the only school in Saint Lucia delivering the board knowledge separately by teaching you to wakeboard behind the jet-ski before attempting the board together with the kite.

We guarantee you the best value for your money!!


In 8 years of teaching kitesurfing we never had any accidents.

Safety is first priority at Aquaholics!!


For advanced riders a jet-ski supervised location opens up the possibility to leave the safety zone of the bay, to explore beaches and reef breaks upwind without worrying about having to swim back if your gear malfunctions.


We also offer supervision for intermediate riders. Especially interesting for Kitesurfers who have already acquired their own gear, but still need some assistance to stay upwind and not end up on the beach.

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